Juvenile Scoliosis

Juvenile scoliosis is scoliosis diagnosed in children between the ages of 4 and 10 years old. Statistics show that curves detected in the pediatric scoliosis population have an increased risk of progression.

Depending on the child’s degree of the curvature and level of maturity, treatment for juvenile scoliosis may begin with the simplest scoliosis-specific exercises in our Schroth program. This will include teaching daily postural habits, basic Schroth exercises and core strengthening. It is important to know the best way to sit, stand and sleep for their developing spines.

When your child is our patient, we monitor their progress, closely. We progress Schroth breathing concepts and exercises as physical and intellectual development occurs. For the under ten-year-old set, the process usually begins with shorter sessions with more prolonged treatment intervals than for adolescents, and that’s okay! It is important for the family to learn and assist the child with their home exercises, 5 days a week.

Be assured that when your child is our patient, Diane and Karen go out of their way to make visits as light-hearted as possible, even fun. We are proud to say that kids actually like coming for their sessions and they learn to take ownership of their scoliosis.

Please notice the postural changes in this 5 year old after one month of Schroth exercises.